Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blacksad (Comic)


What did I think?
This was the comic that made me want to read more comics. It might have been a bad idea to start with this one though, because (too steal a quote from Stan Lee) this is as good as it gets. Everything from the story to the artwork is top notch, and nothing I've read has come close to this kind of perfection. 
And why I'm writing about Blacksad in a blog about animation books, is because the art is stunning! If you want something to light the inspiration fire in your head, Blacksad is probably the perfect thing for you.

Do I recommend this, hell yes!

Synopsis from Wikipedia:
Rendered in a film noir style, the stories are set in late 1950s America. All of the characters are anthropomorphic animals whose species reflects their personality, character type and role in the story. Animal stereotypes are often used: for example, nearly all of the policemen are canids, such as German Shepherds, Bloodhounds, and foxes, while underworld characters are often reptiles or amphibians. Attractive female characters are sometimes depicted as cats.
The strip attempts at recreating a dirty-realist outlook and a dark cinematic style through fairly clean, realistic lines. Very detailed watercolor drawings, including real-life places and cities, also contribute to the realistic feel of the series, despite the fact that characters are animals. The style of drawing has evolved throughout the series, with later issues displaying sharper, higher-quality colour and fewer grainy lines.

Edit: A fourth volume has been published, but has not been translated into English.

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